What is the best degree for becoming a Christian counselor?

If you are thinking about becoming a Christian counselor, you will want to look into a Master degree in counseling. There are schools that offer bachelor degrees in counseling, but most states will not allow you to practice unsupervised without a Master degree. A Bachelor degree can be a great first step to getting all of the prerequisite courses completed before entering the Masters program.

Counseling degrees are offered both online and in the traditional school setting. Most degrees require an internship or practicum specifying a number of clinical hours needed in the counseling field before a degree is given.

Are there certificates needed to become a Christian counselor?

Besides a Master degree, certificates are a great way to improve your chances in gaining a position as a Christian counselor. The National Christian Counselors Association (N.C.C.A.) is a non-profit organization that offers certificates to Christian counselors. You can visit www.ncca.org to learn more about what is offered for training and certification.

How do I know if I am ready to become a Christian Counselor?

To become a Christian counselor, you need to have a committed relationship with Christ. Clients come to you because they want to hear advice that is Biblical. They want to know that you share the same beliefs.

Counselors also need to have genuine compassion. You need to have an open ear and be able to listen to traumatic experiences. You also need to have patience and understanding.

Communication skills are a top priority. As a counselor, you need to be able to communicate with others and make the client feel comfortable opening up to you. Remember that they are coming to you with their deepest thoughts and feelings.

Many Christians feel uncomfortable going to a secular counselor because they believe their beliefs will not be respected. If you feel God has called you to help others, then maybe a job in Christian counseling will be right for you.

What fields can I get into with a degree in Christian Counseling?

There are many fields open to Christian Counselors. Some of them include marriage and family, substance abuse, mental health, grief, etc. The field you choose is up to you. Ask God for guidance into the type of field you should apply to.

You may also want to look at the area you live in to see what types of counseling facilities are nearby. Are there Christian counseling facilities? If so, what counseling fields do they staff for? If there are not Christian counseling facilities nearby, are you ready to start a counseling business of your own? If this is the case, what type of Christian counseling business would you like to have? There are many questions to ask yourself before you decide on a field.

Becoming a Christian counselor can take some time and effort, but in the end, it can be well worth it. To save somebody’s life or marriage not only means a lot to you as a counselor, but a lot to the people you help.