Do I Have to Declare a Major When I Enroll in Christian College?

All students aiming to attend a Christian College are at one point faced with the reality of having to declare a specific major. However, many inquiring students ask themselves, “Do I have to declare a major when I enroll in Christian College?” It is completely normal for students to be unsure of what type of training they should pursue, and therefore many students sharing this sentiment do not wish to declare any major at all. Most Christian Colleges, while requiring students to select a specific major at some point before graduation, do not require students to declare their desired major upon enrollment.

Christian College is More Than a Specific Degree

While many students may pursue a certain Christian College due to a specific degree or program offered at that particular institution, many individuals simply want to experience college within a Christian atmosphere. For this reason, many suggest that abstaining from declaring a specific major upon enrollment at a Christian College is no problem. Many students enroll themselves in a Christian College simply to experience higher learning in a Christian environment. College is more than learning about one subject and obtaining a specific diploma. With networking and social aspects of life in mind, it is perfectly acceptable to enroll in a Christian College for the sole purpose of being submersed in a Christian community.

The Ability to Change Majors

Most Christian Colleges do not require a new student to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year. However, some institutions suggest that students declare a specific major based off their unique interests and passions. For example, this article explains how most college students either enroll with an undecided major or change majors during their college career. Because changing majors is frequent within all colleges, some Christian Colleges may suggest declaring a major upon enrollment with the knowledge that it is easy to change later on.

The Reality of Being an Adult

For most students, college is the first time to experience being a fully independent adult. While parents and admission counselors are present to provide support, any higher learning institution will remind students that they ultimately have to make their own decisions. For this reason, most Christian Colleges allow students to choose an undecided major for at least two years. These two years are then used to fulfill general courses and prerequisites required for every student regardless of major. During these two years, students can find out what interests them and decide for themselves what they would like to study further. Undecided majors are by far the most common among colleges and universities, and they are often beneficial in helping students discover what they want to study for the rest of their college career.

All Christian Colleges exist to help unearth and grow their student’s passions and interests. In these environments that foster growth, undecided majors are available to help students who are unsure of what degree they should pursue. Therefore, declaring a major upon enrollment in a Christian College is not required, and an undecided major is often the best path for an unsure student to follow.