Trinity Christian College

Trinity Christian College is a liberal arts college located at Palos Heights, Illinois. It was founded in 1959 by a group of Chicago businessmen for the purpose of establishing a Christian higher education institution that can educate in the Reformed tradition. The original board of trustees decided to buy a former clubhouse to be used as an educational facility. The original number of students was 37. The college now occupies a 138-acre property in the southwest suburb of Chicago.

Affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church, Trinity Christian College goes by its motto “Momentum for Life” to signify its continuous objective of facilitating motion and impetus to students’ career goals and aspirations. In the context of its religious affiliation, the college stresses the authority of the Bible over everything and in preaching for worship. The present core curriculum provides a cohesive approach to theology, philosophy, history, and English.

Trinity Christian College offers associate and bachelor degree programs in Accounting, Art and Design, Biology, Business, Business Communication, Chemistry, Church and Ministry Leadership, Communication Arts, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, English, Exercise Science, Geology, Greek, History, Latin, Mathematics, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Science, Social Work, Sociology, Spanish, Special Education, and Theology. Also offered are Pre-Professional Programs in Physical Therapy, Allied Health Sciences, Dentistry, Law, Medicine, and Seminary. The school also serves the educational needs of non-traditional students through its Adult Studies Program.

There are also other educational options made available through Off-Campus Programs such as American Studies, Australia Studies Centre, Chicago Semester, China Studies, Latin American Studies, Los Angeles Film Studios, Middle East Studies, Netherlands Studies, Scholar’s Semester in Oxford, Oxford Summer School, Russian Studies, Semester in Ecuador, Semester in Nicaragua, Semester in Spain, Uganda Studies Program, and Washington Journalism Center. Estimated yearly cost for tuition is $22,232.00. Other expenses include $8,202.00 for room/12-meal plan, $139.00 for student life fee, and $35.00 for deferred payment fee. Trinity Christian College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. Specific programs have additional accreditations including its Education Program by the Illinois State Board of Education, the Nursing Program by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, the Business Program by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools, and the Social Work Program by the Council on Social Work Education.

Financial aid is offered through grants and loans. Qualified students can avail of Pell Grants made available by the US government, the SEOG Grant awarded by Trinity, the Illinois MAP Grant awarded by the state, other Trinity Grants awarded to students based on financial need, Church Grants provided to children of members of a supporting church, and the TEACH Grants as provided by the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007. Available loans include Subsidized Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, the Perkins Loan, the Direct Parent PLUS Loan, and several other alternative loans. Eligibility to each grant and loan program is subject to specific requirements.

There are at least 1,450 students currently enrolled in Trinity Christian College as handled by 80 academic staff members. Student/faculty ratio is placed at 13:1. Most students come from Reformed and Presbyterian Church backgrounds although some have Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, and Roman Catholic backgrounds.

The athletic teams of the college in baseball, basketball, cross-country, soccer, track and field, softball, and volleyball are known as the Trolls.