Southwestern Christian College

Southwestern Christian College (SWCC) is a historically black college located in Terrell, Texas. It was founded in 1948 by G.P. Bowser, an educator and minister. It was formally known as the Southern Bible Institute and it occupies the property formerly owned by the Texas Military College. The college is operated by the Churches of Christ.

Southwestern Christian College’s guiding philosophy is based on its desire to provide students the required preparation that will enable them to live successful Christian lives. The college aims to offer educational programs that will motivate students holistically to achieve academic excellence based on commitment to moral and spiritual values. It is also the aim of the college to prepare students to take their place in the world of business and society while firmly grounded on the Word of God.

The academic programs offered by SWCC include Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Bachelor of Science. Bachelor degree concentrations are offered by the various divisions of College of Arts and Sciences including Religious Studies, Humanities, Business/Office Administration, Social Sciences, Natural Science/Mathematics/and Computer Science, Physical Education and Basic Studies.

Students are deemed to have completed an associate degree after earning 62 semester hours of credit excluding Basic Studies Course Hours, at least 45 of which have been completed at SWCC. Bachelor degree holders must have earned at least 131 credit hours excluding Basic Studies Course Hours. A minimum of 95 semester hours must have been completed at SWCC. Maximum acceptable number of semester hours from a preaching school and other unaccredited institutions is 32.

Curriculum for the bachelor degree programs includes 22 credit hours of Religion, 27 credit hours of Bible and Ministry, 2 credit hours of Internship, 18 credit hours of Minor, and 9 credit hours of Electives. All degree programs will include courses in Bible, Introduction to Computer Science, English, History, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Science, Physical Education, Speech, Psychology or Sociology, UJIMA, and Freshman Orientation. Southwestern Christian College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Estimated costs for one semester include $2,856.00 as tuition for 12 to 19 hours, $472.00 for various fees, and living expenses of $2,343.65 inclusive of room, board, tax on board, insurance, and mailbox fee. Books and supplies cost about $450.00 per semester. Part-time students are charged $259.00 per credit hour for up to 19 hours. Every credit hour beyond 19 cost $150.00.

Financial assistance is provided through loans, scholarships, and grants. Federal aid programs include the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Tuition Equalization Grant, Federal Work Study Program, Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Direct Loan, and Direct PLUS Loan. Memorial Scholarships include the G.P. Bowser Memorial, and the Ollie Bowers-Ruby Trice Memorial Scholarship, among others. There are several external scholarships offered. The Local Incentive Scholarship Program is offered to local residents and immediate area residents. Grants-in-aid are awarded to students based on grade average and good social standing in the college.

The Total student population of Southwestern Christian College is 241, 51% of which are male and 49% are female. The majority of its students are Black non-Hispanics. Student activities include choral groups, drama theatre, jazz band, music ensemble, student government, student newspaper, and yearbook.

Southwestern Christian College is a member of NJCAA-National Junior College Athletic Association. Its athletic teams are known as the Rams and they compete in men’s basketball, men’s soccer, track and field, women’s basketball, women’s outdoor track and field, and women’s volleyball.