Somerset Christian College

Somerset Christian College (SCC) is a private evangelical Christian college located in Somerset County, New Jersey. It occupies the property and facilities used by Zarepath Bible Institute and Alma White College, two training schools established by the Pillar of Fire Church for missionaries, preachers, and teachers. Somerset Christian College took off from where these two schools ended. The college has an extension site located in Newark, New Jersey which is known as the Somerset Christian College Newark.

The Pillar of Fire Church, now known as the Pillar of Fire International, is noted for being a strong advocate for women’s equality, specifically in relation to the structure of the church which should explain the fact that it produced the first female bishop in the US. Based on the college’s religious ties, it believes that there is one universal church made up of various denominations. It offers its education based on the classical Christian faith and the doctrine of the Wesleyan-Armenian theological tradition.

The programs of study offered include associate and bachelor’s degrees in several areas of study including Biblical Studies, Business Administration, Counseling Psychology, Youth Ministry, Music, Communication Studies, and Family Therapy. General education at Somerset Christian College seeks to develop Christian Maturity, Content Mastery, Integration of Faith and Knowledge, Global and Cultural Awareness, Communication Skills, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Critical Analysis and Reasoning, Scientific and Quantitative Literacy, Information Literacy, Technological Competence, and Collaboration. The college likewise offers the Life Enhancing Accelerated Degree (LEAD) Program which is a non-traditional adult degree completion program that allows participants to complete a bachelor’s degree in as short as twenty (20) months.

Accreditation is provided by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the Association for Biblical Higher Education. The college is licensed by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education to offer the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, Psychology and Counseling, and Business Administration and Management. It is the only accredited evangelical four-year college in New Jersey.

Tuition and fees are payable per semester. Estimated tuition rate per semester is $ 7,500.00 for full-time students while per credit rate for part-time students is $ 625.00. Other fees include application fee, health insurance, transcript fee, evaluation fee, and books and materials fee. Students can pay on installment basis through the Tuition Management Systems, Inc.

Somerset Christian College offers financial aid programs consisting of grants, scholarships, loans, and employment. Specific options include Federal Student Aid, SCC Scholars Grant, National Honors Society Grant, Servant Leadership Grant, Ministerial Dependent Grant, Urban Center Grant, Travel Grant, Home School Grants, SCC Church Match, Endowed Scholarships, and the Sarah Fehr Miller Scholarship. There are also several grants and scholarships offered through the LEAD Program.

There are about 240 students currently enrolled on Somerset Christian College of which 43% are male and 57% are female. Comprising a majority of its number are white non-Hispanics, followed by Black non-Hispanics, Hispanics, and Asians. Many classes have to be temporarily held in alternate offsite classrooms due to the hurricane that affected the area although most students stayed on.

Athletic activities offered include basketball, baseball, and volleyball. It does not have an official sports team participating in intercollegiate sports conferences.