Miami Christian University

The Miami Christian University (MCU) is a state authorized educational institution offering theological degrees through the doctoral level. Most of its current academic programs are offered in the online format although it maintains its physical facilities including offices and classrooms in Miami, Florida. It was founded by Rev. Rick L. Patterson as the Miami Bible Institute in 1983. It is affiliated with the Christ Life Center.

The university seeks to address the need of prospective students who are seeking a more intense level of knowledge in the Bible than that offered by a local church. The reason why it chose to emphasize distance and online education is to provide those who may not be able to attend traditional classes a chance to learn about Biblical Studies. Its primary mission is to assist students in their pursuit of gaining a deeper knowledge of God and develop a relationship with Him towards Christian maturity. It recognizes the Bible as the only authoritative source for the word of God and uses it as a textbook along with the Bible Dictionary and a Bible Handbook as basic resources that have to be used by all students. The university subscribe to the basic truths of Evangelical Christianity.

The academic programs offered by Miami Christian University include the Associate of Arts in Theology, the Bachelor of Arts in Theology, the Master of Arts in Theology, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Technology. Certificate programs offered consist of the Certificate in Old Testament Studies, Certificate in New Testament Studies, and Certificate in Pastoral Ministry. The university is authorized to operate and grant degrees by the Florida Department of Education’s Commission for Independent Education.

Students who wish to transfer course credits to accredited institutions for the purpose of taking liberal arts courses are advised to enroll in “CLEP” courses offered by MCU’s affiliate institution – the Instant Cert Academy. Students who are not seeking a degree can take courses that interest them. The university’s Registrar Office can assist in determining whether the chosen courses are suitable for future degree plans.

Some of the individual courses offered are Abnormal Psychology, American Government, Astronomy, Biology, Civil War and Reconstruction, College Mathematics, Criminal Justice, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, English Composition, Environment and Humanity Race to Save the Planet, Ethics in America, Foundations of Education, Foundations of Gerontology, Fundamentals of Counseling, General Anthropology, Here’s to Your Health, Human Growth and Development, Human Resource Management, Humanities, Information Systems and Computer Applications, and many more. A high school diploma is required for degree programs but may be waived in certificate programs. Students who complete the Pastoral Ministry Certificate Program are pre-qualified to apply for a Ministerial License. MCU does not license or ordain ministers but its parent church does. Credits earned from a certificate program can be applied towards an associate’s degree.

Tuition is $5,400.00 for the 60-credits associate degree, $10,800.00 for the 120-credit bachelor’s degree, $2,160.00 for the 24-credit master’s degree, and $3,240.00 for the 30-credit Pastoral Degree. The Certificate Program in Old Testament and New Testament Studies both cost $2,700.00 for 30 credits. The 37-credit Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Program costs $2,970.00. Tuition cost per credit is $90.00

Miami Christian University does not accept government grants or financial aid being a state-authorized theological institution having no regional accreditation. In lieu of institutional scholarships, the university encourages local church and congregation funding for their pastors. There are many private businesses and organizations willing to provide scholarships.

There are also no official athletic teams representing the university.

The total student population of Miami Christian University is placed at 435 and the student/faculty ratio is 12:1.