Life Christian University

Life Christian University (LCU) is a ministry university which has its main campus located in Lutz, Florida. It was founded by Dr. Douglas Wingate in 1995. He has created a global network of campuses in churches across the US and around the world. The university’s more than 100 campuses are found in 29 states and 13 foreign countries.

Life Christian University holds the belief that each Christian should first be spiritually in control of their own life before being able to minister effectively to others. It believes in the counsel of God’s word and thus teaches every student to walk by faith and receive the blessings from God in different areas of life which include peace in one’s home, divine healing and health for the body, and divine prosperity. A personal life of victory is believed to be possible in having a good knowledge of the New Testament. The university sees itself as an instrument of God for ministry training. Its vision and purpose is “To Train 1 Million Ministers to Impact 1 Billion People in 1 Generation”

The Christian degree programs provided by Life Christian University are designed to develop students who will be able to follow God through ministry work. Accreditation is provided by the Transworld Accrediting Commission International (TAC) which accredits and assists Biblical theological schools, seminaries, universities, colleges, and institutes established all over the world. LCU does not have governmental school accreditation and does not intend to seek it because of its belief that secular institutions should not dictate the qualifications and programs of a spirit-filled degree in ministry. This type of ministry education is recognized by many churches, ministry organizations and ministry institutions. .

The academic programs of LCU include undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral studies. Undergraduate degrees and diploma consist of the Diploma in Theology, Associate Degree in Theology, Advanced Diploma in Theology, Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, and the Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry. Master’s Studies consist of the Master in Theology and the Master in Pastoral Ministry. Doctoral studies include First Level Doctorate through the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) in Theology or Pastoral Ministry as well as Second-Level Doctorate through Doctor in Philosophy (PhD) in Theology or Pastoral Ministry. Students in undergraduate studies are provided three tracks to choose from during the year of specialization. These include the Theology Track, the Pastoral Ministry Track, and the Christian Education Track.

Life Christian University further justifies its decision not to opt for regional accreditation by presenting its low tuition philosophy. Tuition, books and fees for 1-year of Undergraduate Study is estimated at $1,440.00 representing 30 credits. The cost of a 1- year Master’s Program is estimated at $2,090.00 equivalent to 36 credit hours. A 1- year Doctoral Program costs about $2,250.00 for 45 credit hours. Credit hours include Ministry Practicum.

Because of its lack of governmental accreditation, LCU is not able to offer government- guaranteed student loans and financial aid. It provides financial assistance to its students through an in-house, interest-free student loan which it refers to as the “Pay-As-You-Go” Program. It also offers family discounts which entitle immediate family members to a 25% discount on each program which they decide to take at the same time. Credits for Ministry Life Experience (MLE) are awarded for evangelistic speaking engagements, and teaching over radio and television. These credits can be awarded towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree, whichever is applicable.

Life Christian University has graduated more than 15,000 students. An estimated 2,000 students are currently enrolled in its main campus, the LCU Online and its network of campuses established in various churches. The educational system of Life Christian University is such that it empowers pastors of these churches to provide quality ministry education through its faith-based curriculum. Online students are assigned advisers from the main campus to guide them in their study. The university is not yet affiliated with any intercollegiate sports organization.