Jarvis Christian College

Jarvis Christian College (JCC) is a private, historically black college located in Hawkins, Texas. It was founded in 1912 by Thomas Buchanan Frost, modeling it after Southern Christian Institute of which he was a graduate. However, the efforts towards building this school started as early as 1904 when the Negro Disciples of Christ in Texas and the Christian Women’s Board of Missions saw the need to establish a school for black youth. It was originally named the Jarvis Christian Institute and started out with twelve students in the elementary grades. Junior college courses were introduced into the regular curriculum in 1927 while senior college courses were introduced in1937. Jarvis Christian College is an institution affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from the very start.

The present primary mission of JCC is the intellectual, social, spiritual, and personal preparation of students to facilitate gainful participation and contribution to the society. It actively supports students who are prospective advocates for social change towards inclusion and equity throughout the world. Jarvis Christian College believes in the active engagement to the teaching and learning process with the desired objective to attain an academic experience that is geared towards the development of global leaders.

JCC offers degrees including the Bachelor of Arts in English, Religion or History; the Bachelor of Business Administration with a choice of 4 concentrations namely Accounting, Marketing, Computer Information Systems, and Management; the Bachelor of Science in Biology, Criminal Justice, Kinesiology, Sociology, Chemistry, History, or Social Work; the Bachelor of Science (Teacher Certification) in Elementary Education; English/Reading/Language Arts (4-8), History (8-12), Mathematics (4-8), Physical Science (8-12), Special Education (EC-12), Business Education (6-12), English/Reading/Language Arts (8-12), Life Sciences (8-12), Physical Education (EC-12), and Science (4-8). Minor fields of study include Accounting, Chemistry, Computer Information System, English, Kinesiology, Marketing, Psychology, Social Work, Speech, Biology, Coaching, Criminal Justice, History, Management, Music, Religion, and Sociology. It is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Annual educational expenses include tuition of $11,870.00, technology fee of $1,003.00, student activity fee of $ 501.00, room expenses of $5,174.00, board expenses of $4,172.00, board tax of $564.00, and insurance of $93.00. These add up to an estimated direct cost of $23,377.00. Non-boarding students are expected to pay an estimated amount of $13,467.00. Part-time students pay $494.59 per semester hour. Books cost is approximately $650.00 per semester.

Jarvis Christian College offers financial aid through institutional grants and scholarships, federal and state grants, federal direct loans, and federal and state college work study. Institutional scholarships provided by JCC are granted based on need, character, and/or academic record. Awarding of scholarship is done after students meet the criteria of the college or the scholarship donor. JCC is supported by the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) which also awards scholarships based on financial need and academic merit.

Work study opportunities are awarded based on the level of financial need and the school’s funding level. Assignment of work hours is determined by the Work Study Supervisor and the Financial Aid Administrator in consideration of students’ class schedules. Availing of federal financial assistance is subject to specific requirements.

Jarvis Christian College is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Red River Athletic Conference. It fields its athletic teams known as the Jarvis Bulldogs in women’s cross-country, men’s cross-country, women’s basketball, and men’s basketball.

There are about 600 students currently enrolled at Jarvis Christian College.