About Christian Degree Programs

Christian Degree Programs aims to help students find high-quality Christian degree programs which meet their needs and are of high educational value. The site features rankings and in-depth descriptions of the best Christian College degree programs in the nation. These programs range from traditional Christian programs, such as Christian Leadership, Pastoral Studies and Theology, to less traditional programs in fields such as social work, counseling, engineering, science and liberal arts. Schools reviewed on the site include big names in Christian education such as Liberty University, Maranatha Baptist Bible College and George Fox University, as well as smaller names, such as Miami Christian University and Nebraska Christian College.

Christian Degree Programs also features links to some of the top Christian colleges in the U.S., as well as a blog roll featuring posts from Christian schools including the following: Knollwood Christian School, New Life Christian School, Colonial Christian. Blogs from the following schools are also featured: Angelton Christian School, Battle Creek Christian School, Heart of the Valley, Canyonville Academy and Indian Rocks Christian School.

Additionally, Christian Degree Programs features timely articles that may be of interest to those who plan on pursuing a Christian education, including articles revealing the best Christian Leadership careers for graduates. It also provides answers to frequently asked question about Christian degrees. These include information on what kinds of degrees are best for students to pursue if they plan on becoming church pastors or Christian counselors.

Interesting Facts about Christian Jobs

  • The median income for clergy is around $43,800 or $21.06 an hour. Top earners earned an average of $76,660 a year, while those in the tenth percentile earned around $22,440 or $10.79 an hour.
  • Graduates of theological schools tend to be preferred over other candidates for protestant ministerial positions. There is less competition for positions in rural areas than in metro areas.
  • Graduates from Christian schools may be able to find employment as chaplains in hospitals or the armed forces, counselors, family therapists or teachers – especially at Christian schools.
  • The median income for marriage and family therapists in 2012 was $41,500 a year.

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