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The Top Five Christian College Degree Programs


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Christian Leadership

The Christian Leadership major is designed to prepare individuals for leadership roles at churches and parachurch organizations. These individuals may intend a career as a pastor or teacher, and they may be interested in leadership or management roles at other kinds of Christian organizations such as missionary organizations and charity organizations. Studies within these majors tend to focus on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ as demonstrated in the Bible. A significant amount of studies relating specifically to the Bible are usually involved. Students also learn to share Jesus and the Bible with others they encounter in life.

Pastoral Studies

Individuals pursing a degree in Pastoral Studies at a Christian College or university often have a specific goal in mind, which is it do pastoral work at a church or other type of religious establishment. Pastoral Studies majors are trained in the workings of a church organization and may be trained in the workings of a specific denomination – usually the denomination represented by the university itself. Students are also trained to provide spiritual advice and counseling for members of their church and others who may be seeking it.

Social Work

Social work is a common major among Christian College attendees. Individuals pursuing a social work degree have a variety of career options available to them, including community organization, mental health and clinical social work, health care, criminal justice, aging and gerontology, developmental disabilities, international social work, policy and planning, ministry, and school social work.

Theology and Biblical Studies

Theology and Biblical studies degree programs at Christian colleges and universities typically focus on Old Testament and New Testament texts, as well as other key texts in Christianity. There are a number of sub-fields and specialties within Biblical studies, including Biblical criticism, history, philology, and social sciences.

Christian Counseling

The Christian Counseling degree program typically focuses on pastoral counseling with foundations in psychology and Christian teaching. Individuals graduating with a major in Christian Counseling  may go on to graduate school for further training, and these individuals often go on to earn the credentials necessary to establish their own counseling practice. Others go directly into some other type of counseling role, including those at private Christian secondary schools.